Auditing Services

auditAs a lead auditor for ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and BS OHSAS 18001 and an Associate Lead Auditor for a UKAS Accredited certficiation body, Sira Certification Ltd,  Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner and AIEM,  Vicki Beatty can provide combined audits enabling all elements of health, safety, the environment and quality to be audited at one time, adding further value to the audit process.

Whether it is one off or regular audits, benchmarking / gap analysis, routine surveillance audits, undertaking internal audits on your behalf, auditing your suppliers or assessing the implementation of your management system prior to audit by a certification body, Vicki Beatty Associates will apply the benefit of her experience as a Lead Auditor and over 15 years experience in the Safety, health, quality and environmental management fields in a variety of sectors and will ensure that a thorough systematic and independent assessment of your organisation’s conformance is undertaken.

Audits are a useful tool to systematically and independently assess an organisation’s conformance to any given audit criteria.  During the audit process evidence is obtained and evaluated objectively to determine the extent to which the audit criteria are fulfilled.

Audits can be undertaken to assess conformance with many criteria including conformance with policies and procedures, legislation, international or other recognised standards, customer or trade organisation standards and requirements and management system specifications.  The audit process provides objective evidence of the organisation’s degree of compliance with the given criteria, identifying any shortcomings so that actions can be prioritised for rectifying these.

A full and thorough written report will be produced outlining the audit, evidence assessed, departments visited and individuals interviewed during the audit, audit conclusions identifying the extent of conformity with the audit criteria and any recommendations for improvement.

Auditing Services – Management Systems

  • Initial benchmarking / gap analysis to identify current position and plan improvements to your management system prior to certification
  • Audit of your system documentation to ensure compliance with the given standards
  • Audit of your organisations activities to assess conformance to internal policies and procedures
  • Routine internal (first party) audits on your behalf
  • Management of your internal audit programme
  • Audits of your suppliers and supply chain (second party audits)
  • Pre-certification audit to check conformity to recognised standards and ensure your organisation is prepared for the certification (third party) audit

Auditing Services – General

  • Compliance audits – OH&S, Environmental legal obligations
  • Audit of data gathering for CRC reporting, carbon foot printing etc
  • Site specific compliance audits – audit against site specific permits, consents and other legal authorisations to operate
  • Gap analysis
  • Targeted audits of activities, individual locations, sites or specific standards or parts of your operations
  • Regular compliance audit to satisfy ISO 14001
  • Liaison with your chosen certification body
  • Training of your internal auditors