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Future First Aiders: 5 to 500!

Let’s train 500 children to be lifesaving Future First Aiders! Who we are: Hi! We are Vicki and Kevin Beatty, and five years ago we set up “Vicki Beatty Associates”, a HSE consultancy and training provider  based in Canterbury, Kent.  Why we’re here: We had read an article from the European Resuscitation Council  explaining that if children received just […]


Symptoms of Allergic Reactions

If Josh said he felt dizzy, collapsed and lost consciousness, would you know what was happening? Anaphylaxis symptoms range from a swollen tongue and difficulty speaking to collapse and loss of consciousness. Most allergic reactions are not anaphylactic and can be treated with anti-histamines. But in more serious anaphylactic attacks adrenaline is required to be injected into […]

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Nursery Niggles

What’s the issue? You are a nursery manager – you want all of your staff to be first aid trained, to maximise the safety of the children in your care. You want to take advantage of the brilliant prices offered by Vicki Beatty Associates, but can’t afford to arrange cover for the nursery for the […]