Learning At Work Week 2016

First Aid At Work?

The Red Cross are publicising “Learning at Work Week” , which takes place during 16 – 22 May. This annual event highlights the importance of learning and development in the workplace.

You can download a resource pack for your workplace here which offers lots of valuable advice and ideas, and even a fun test at the end. Can you score more than your boss?

Loser makes the next tea round!

Did you know that if someone suffers a burn and you don’t have access to running water, you can use juice, milk or even beer to cool the burn until you have access to water – although beer isn’t often found in the average workplace!!

Better still…

You could go one step further and invite our lovely trainer, Kevin, into your workplace to give a brief introduction to basic first aid.

Email us at info@vbassociates.co.uk for more details!



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