How will the Sugar Tax work?

We think the ‘Sugar Tax’ announced in the Budget today is a brilliant idea – hopefully making sugary drinks less attractive and appealing, and in return doubling the funding for sport in primary schools.

Tackling childhood obesity will in turn lead to a healthy new generation.

But how will it work in practice?

“The levy is squarely aimed at high-sugar drinks, particularly fizzy drinks, which are popular among teenagers. Pure fruit juices and milk-based drinks will be excluded and the smallest producers will have an exemption from the scheme. It will be imposed on companies according to the volume of the sugar-sweetened drinks they produce or import. There will be two bands – one for total sugar content above 5g per 100 millilitres and a second, higher band for the most sugary drinks with more than 8g per 100 millilitres.”

For more anaylsis on how the ‘Sugar Tax’ will work, see BBC – Sugar Tax – How Will It Work?


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